Friday, October 25, 2013

That Boston Terrier Life

Life with a Boston Terrier

Let's be clear, I don't necessarily LIVE with a Boston Terrier. But I definitely live with them. SO MANY of them. When I moved to New Orleans, I literally thought that Bostons were a fad around here. I'M SURROUNDED. AND I LOVE IT.

But I don't love it as much as my friend Christy.

She's the reason pretty much everyone I know has a Boston. She fosters dogs for Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue and, let's be honest, Bostons are so friggin' adorable that anybody who spends time with one and finds out he/she is adoptable is going to end up with a new pet. IT'S INEVITABLE.

I can't have dogs, otherwise I would have a Boston. I'm sure of it. So instead of owning one, I doodle them. For your pleasure and my own. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what I've learned from living with (around?) Boston Terriers.

I've learned that Bostons are the classiest dogs at any party. Add a bowtie? INSTANT TUX.

Adorable. (And maybe I did. Stop judging me, adorable little dog.)

It's true. Though, honestly, if any man greeted me with the fervor and enthusiasm of a dog, I'd probably run away screaming. And if he humped my leg like my friend Dale's Boston, Ralphie, does, I'd have to call the cops.

Let's be frank. This is the #1 lesson learned by anyone who's ever spent any time around Bostons. Got a problem with that? Shame on you. But read about solutions here:

Otherwise, go hug a Boston today. You'll feel better for it. (Just bring nose plugs.)