Sunday, July 13, 2014

Product Improvement: Etsy Wine Glass

I'm an avid pinner-- I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and its ability to introduce me to some pretty fantastic, witty stuff that's floating around the internet. (I visit the "Humor" boards everyday!) The problem is that Pinterest doesn't have a very user-friendly way of responding to those pins. (Comments? Please.) So here I am, blogging. Setting the record straight. Today's pin? This misinformed wine glass.

If I weren't lazy, I'd sell it on my own. But as it is, I am-- so you can visit Sherry's Lane Etsy Shop to see if she's making any more of the glass from the original pin I was sent or visit any of these other shops with similar products. (Yes, each of those words links to a DIFFERENT Etsy shop, and yes, I could have kept going. Copyright these days.)

Maybe someday I'll get my stuff together and open an Etsy shop. Until then, enjoy these crudely drawn comics, spurred on and inspired by good chats with good friends. Til next time!